1. ZeROSMQ has been tested on Python 3.7.1, but it should also work on Python 3.6 (earlier versions won’t work because ZeROSMQ uses f-strings).
  2. ZeROSMQ requires pyzmq. If you wish to use the graphing tool, you also need to install graphviz. If you wish to use the live plotter, you also need to install pyqtgraph. It is highly recommended to install GNU Parallel for sanity-preservation purposes: you can run all nodes with a single shell script, in parallel, get all outputs in the same window, and close them with a single Ctrl+C. See the “Shell script” section for details on the recommended shell script.
  3. Copy the and files to a folder of your choice. If you want to graph the nodes, also copy If you want to plot any topic, also copy
  4. Add any nodes that you want to the same folder. See Usage for the code that you should use in the nodes.
  5. Run the master node (python or similar) and any other nodes (python <your-node>.py). If you have GNU Parallel and a shell script, execute ./ instead (assuming your shell script is called